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I welcome you into my space and my embrace. Everything here is warm: the soft glow from the candles, the lingering aroma of burning incense, the pleasant music that drifts around us, my smile, and my touch. When you’re with me time slows down, your senses heighten, and your focus softens as you sink into the quiescent surrender of pleasure. Together we appreciate the stillness and tenderness of human connection – soft, warm, comfortable and kind.

I have over 8 years of experience titillating the senses, arousing the sensual beings that lie in each of us and helping others achieve profound states of connectivity. I facilitate experiences of the mind and the body, the flesh and the spirit. I do this through tantric practices and techniques, and I am always excited to incorporate kink and fetish!

If you’re just trying this out, or this is your first time diving into tantra, kink or your deepest fetishes; that’s great – I encourage you to do so! I do however, highly value regular visits. With time we create a bond that grows deeper and more fulfilling for both of us.

Let’s enter our time together as our best selves.


Key words: connection, meditation, sincerity, warmth, breath work, eye gazing

The word “tantra” comes from ancient Hindu and Buddhist doctrine. I hesitate to claim expertise over sacred ancient practices, though you can expect our time together to incorporate what many may refer to as the modern practice of tantra. What does this mean? – I strive to reach a level of connectivity with you that is deeper than a pleasant exchange between two acquaintances. We enter one another’s presence with the intention of exploring the depths of human connection. We do this through meditative breathing and eye-gazing. We do this through warm caresses and tender, skin-to-skin, contact. We do this through sincerity and honesty. I am here to ease out elements of your being that may not always get their rightful opportunity to shine in day-to-day life. Together we co-create a deep and meaningful experience.



Key words: fun and playful!

I’m not easily shocked nor do I scoff at things that are quirky, alternative, or kinky. I am entirely non-judgmental and rejoice in others exploring their sensualities and sexualities in all ways – particularly in unconventional ways. I myself dabble in kink/BDSM/domination/fetish so if that’s of interest to you, let me know! I have a particular affinity for helping people explore deeper pleasure through prostate stimulation. I am open to working with your specific interests and desires as long as they are within my boundaries. Never feel afraid to ask!

*For more information about my kink/BDSM/domination/fetish interests please review my FAQ

All monetary exchange is for massage services only. All and any other events that occur are between two consenting adults. Explicit requests for illegal activity will be rejected.


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